6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Bespoke Photography

If you are not sure whether you should go bespoke or high street photographer for your portrait, then read on……

1) Photography, whether for your wedding or a portrait of your nearest and dearest, truely deserves to be chosen carefully. This is a time in your life that you will never get back and it is so important to capture it in all its glory. Just think how you feel if you were to lose all your photos! This is how much photographs are worth to you. For most people they are priceless and irreplaceable and this value should be considered when choosing your photographer.

2) Bespoke Photography is much more personal and intimate. I will get to know you, and exactly what you want. To me, and I run the risk of sounding like a cliche, its about so much more than just making money or running a business. Put simply, I love photography, even after 14 years! My clients are more than just another number or profit making scheme, I want to give each and every one of you not just the best images, but also a memorable experience.

3) Budget photographers, and even the high street chains, are focused ultimately on maximising profit. Budget photographers will usually be forced to use budget materials and equipment so they can still afford to give you the low low prices whilst making a profit.  Equally the larger studio chains will use cheap deals to entice you into having a session with them and then use sales tactics to convince you to part with more of your money. I have talked about this before, but cheap or budget does not mean the same as ‘value for money’. One example I came across whilst researching this subject was buying shoes. You can buy cheap shoes which will do the job, but they still have a plastic feel about them, you take them off halfway through the night and just do not fit as comfortably as the more expensive pair you bought. You know the ones, they cost more but they feel like a part of your foot, you have had them for forever and have still yet to wear out. Yes you paid more for the latter, but which gave you more value for money?

4) I have had a couple of clients who have come from well know portrait studios, who took advantage of the cheap deal, but then came out feeling disappointed, not just with the images but also the whole experience. One client likened it to a ‘Macdonalds Drive-thru of the Photography Studios’. Children especially can pick up on any pressure or ‘sense of urgency’ if a photographer is trying to get them through the session so they can move on to the next session. I always ensure that I have enough time to allow the session to be complete calmly and, if necessary at the child’s pace.

5) In this day and age it is easy for anyone to own a perfectly capable camera and call themselves a photographer. Although bespoke photography costs more, much of the profit is re-invested back into the business for training. It is vital that photographers stay up to date with the latest technology and techniques. Whilst entry level cameras are very good, the technology of the professional range  far surpasses any other camera in terms of quality. For you, the client, that means you can have a fantastic quality image up to much larger enlargement sizes.

6) Bespoke images are also much more unique, always striving to come up with more original ideas and compositions. I have no ‘corporate type’ targets to reach, just my own personal ones, that follow second behind the needs and wishes of my clients. I also work on keeping my images fresh and new, for example, all my baby and child portraits have the option of a complimentary nursery shoot, giving you a beautiful reminder of your child’s first bedroom. We all know how much thought, planning and excitment goes into the nursery, so this is my gift to you.

Whilst bespoke photography is indeed a luxury product, it does also involve an investment of your time and your emotion, both from the photographer and more importantly from the client. Various packages and clear pricing makes it easy for you to budget your finances, allowing you to be the proud owner of your very own piece of bespoke portrait photography.

For more details contact me today and you too can be on your way to hanging a beautiful portrait of your family on your wall.




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