Pull back shot of Newborn Set-up





For those of you who would like a newborn session, but are not quite sure where you have the space – this is the post for you.

Pull Back Shot of Portable Newborn Photography Session

This is a standard set up when there is not enough natural light for the shoot. Natural light is my first choice but with our traditional british weather, we all know we cannot rely on the sun!! I use a professional Bowen Lighting System.

This takes up around 4m x 2m. I bring plenty of props with me (like hats and nappy covers), blankets, baskets etc for you to choose from. I have a choice of backgrounds (white, black, super soft cream and a luscious woven brown). My next major investment will be for wooden, flocked and patten backdrops and flooring. I always strive to improve and add to my style and prop collection.

Sessions can take up to two hours, sometimes more, for a newborn as we do not want to rush them. Babies seem to pick up on nerves or pressure so we keep the session relaxed and informal.

It is also important that the room is warm – especially for those scrumptious bare photos that we all love.

Finally, I bring my secret weapons (a lovely warm hot water bottle and a white noise application – ok, so not so secret!).

If you have any more questions or would like to book a Newborn Portrait Session drop me a line.



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