Dominy/Knowles Family Session

Sometimes life gets in the way of the things we want to do, for various reasons, but we all know how important it is to capture those important moments and stages of family life with gorgeous professional photos. A few months ago, I had a lovely email from Sarah Jane who was in the process of organise a portrait session, following a family conversation around two years ago. They wanted a portrait of three generations of their family, which also gave the opportunity for husband/wife images, child images, grandparent/granddaughter images, brother/sister…. you name it, we could do it, as everyone was already there.

They are a fantastic family – full of energy and laughter, which resulted in buckets on heads, a tiger hat, Olly Murs on repeat and a whole lot of fantastic photos for them to treasure. Its was an absolute pleasure to work with them and to meet the gorgeous Ruby, who has just celebrated her second birthday. Happy Belated Birthday, Ruby!




If you are interest in more information about a family session please email me Alternatively, I’d love to see you on my facebook page so pop on over and and say hi!


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