Client Feature: A holiday in Dorset…..

All the way back in May this year, I had the pleasure to meet and photograph a beautiful family who were having a holiday in Swanage, on the jurassic coast of Dorset.  Joanna, who lives in America with Ronald and their daughter, Ella, had got in touch to arrange a family portrait session, along with her brother, Stuart, his wife, Moushumi and their three boys, Josh, Danny and Jackson,  & mum, Christine.

We met early one morning, hoping to beat the crowds, and walked down to the beach together.  Unfotunately it was slightly drizzly and a little chilly, but that didn’t hinder the shoot at all.

I had lovely little chats with the children, from Star Wars to Peppa Pig and sighting-seeing in London. They are such a wonderful family, both as a whole and in their smaller units. I loved to see them (read: grown-up men) acting up to help get the best emotion from the children and it shows in their photos. I always think portraits are at their best when everyone gets involved.

Josh and Danny both have the most amazing, massive smiles, Ella has a gorgeous little pout and little Jackson was very placid, taking it all in his stride.

Photographing such a gorgeous family against a stunning backdrop like Swanage is one of my highlights this year, plus we also had time to let the kids run around and be themselves for a while, as well as a few quick maternity shots for Joanna.




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