Freya & Imogen

Newborn & Sibling Portraiture

Occasionally, I receive enquiries and, although a session is on a person’s wishlist, life happens to get in the way and the session never comes about.  A few years ago, Amanda got in touch with me to ask about a newborn session for Imogen and this was one of those enquiries that just didn’t happen. Amanda is a friend of my sister-in-law, so every now and then we bump into each other and we would often talked about arranging a session ‘at some point’.

When one of Amanda’s ‘Mummy Friends’ approached me about a possible gift certificate for Amanda’s upcoming baby shower, I was very excited! Finally, Amanda could have her session. (Gift certificates are planned so that the receiver receives at least one print from their session.)

Newborn Portraiture is more often than not carried out in the client’s home. This is perfect when older siblings are involved. They are surrounded by their own toys and belongings, making for a happier session. Imogen was well prepared for her baby sister’s session and very keen to pose for me after I arrived.

Freya was a very placid little lady, as soon as she was sleeping soundly, we were able to continue with her session.

I’d also want to add that Amanda is one of the most ‘yummy mummies’ I have seen – you looked gorgeous and I would never had guessed you had just had a baby! Your turn for a session next?!

Meet Imogen & Freya…….





Please remember that Newborn Photographers abide by a set of rules to ensure that the baby is always safe. 

If you are interested in booking a Newborn Portraiture session or would like more information about Gift Certificates, I’d love to hear from you. You can use this form.


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