A family visit to Athelhampton House

I was born and bred in Dorchester, have lived in this part of Dorset for most of my life, but other than one wedding I have never been to Athelhampton House. (slaps wrist)

So with hubby off work for the day and the sun shining we psyched ourselves up for a really long trip (all of 3-5 minutes drive), camera in tow. I will admit, we do have a little point and shoot camera for family days out (not that I really know how to work it!) but today called for my ‘big boy’.

The staff were extremely welcoming, very chatty and also spoke directly to the boys as well, which is great as old houses are not necessarily the boys first choice for a outing, even though they love exploring the gardens. Their favourite part was the pyramid trees, playing hide & seek, spy games and those sorts of shenanigans. When I say boys, Hubby was more than happy to join in, as you’ll see in the photos. Actually, in this part of the gardens there were lots of families running around with their children, all of them having a good time.

As for the house – the one thing that struck me was the stunning windows and the most amazing light that came through them. I love to photograph the old stain glass windows and these ones did not disappoint. I would most definitely go back again and read more of the guide they lend you, today I was much too busy taking photos, but Hubby came out with interesting little titbits and pointing out hidden stairwells.

As you know, I’m not much for writing so here are the photos……


THree FB stepsAthel4 copy_DSC9483blogAthel3FBathelathel2FB3Athel1_DSC9568redoFBflare

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