26 facts about, well, me.

Whilst the rise of the Internet can be attributed to bringing people together and making the world a much smaller place, making connections we may have never made without it, it has also made society and communication much more impersonal. Businesses may not have a shop front anymore, with someone manning the till. Instead we trawl the web until we find what we want and pay for it without any interaction with a living being.

Being a photographer, I count myself lucky that I still get to work with real people. People find me either by word of mouth, via this website or Facebook. I don’t want to hide behind my camera or computer so here are 26 facts about me you may or may not know.

1) I am married to a man who snores, loudly. We have two boys.

2) I love animals, we have a Labrador, a border collie, two domestic short haired cats and two gerbils (who are named after Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd).

3) I listen to all sorts of music from dance anthems to rock, but I am not very clued up on the Top 40 anymore. Is that showing my age?!

4) I can’t swim.

5) I didn’t learn to drive until I was 31, but I passed my full Motorbike Licence at 23.

6) I miss having a motorbike.

7) I love steak, blue.

8) I am a *slight* chocoholic.

9) I walk. A lot. In September 2015, a friend and I walked 26.2 miles for charity in just over 8 hours.

10) I don’t watch TV, but I do like films and box sets. IMDb is one of my best friends.

11) I used to smoke. In 2005 I had a sudden urge to quit. Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant.

12) I would love to be a runner but I hate running.

13) I go to bed between 9pm-9.30 but I am rarely asleep before midnight.

14) My hubby thinks I have too many books. I think we don’t have enough bookshelves.

15) I am Dorchester born and bred.

16) I have one son who bounces out of bed in the morning. The other doesn’t like mornings. Neither do I.

17) I bought my first camera, an OM-10 like in the photo, on my 18th birthday.

18) My father taught me all things film photography and darkroom. I love the smell of the chemicals.

19) I am rubbish at watering houseplants.

20) I love stationary.

21) I like the smell of catalogues ?!? Don’t ask!

22) I can wiggle my ears.

23) I can touch my nose with my tongue.

24) I am trying to curb my addiction to Diet Coke.

25) I am truly grateful that I get to do a ‘job’ that I love. It doesn’t feel like work (unless I’m doing my books).

26) Photography was my dream.

GETTING TO KNOW YOU: Share 3-5 random facts about yourself in the comment section below, including what your dream job is/was. I would love to hear from you.


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