Client Feature: The Dunne Family

I have spoken before about how many clients come back time after time. Most of them have children and I love being able to see the child grow and progress. In this case, not only did I get to meet George as a baby, but I also got to see him as a big brother to Benjamin.

In total, the Dunne family have had four sessions and each time I am blown away by how scrumptious the boys are.

Here is the George’s newborn session from way back in 2013.


Just a few months later, George, now a smiley blue eyed boy with the most squidgy thighs EVER, bought his parents along to one of the Christmas Mini Sessions. We even caught him sitting on his own. Just!


Two years later, George has become a big brother to Benjamin and their images from the previous sessions are proudly displayed on their walls.


Just look at those lips!

At the end of last year, I got to meet them all again as a family of four. Unusually for a portrait session, Jess agreed to a picture of just herself. Many mums recoil in horror at the suggestion, yet it is important to exist in photos. Your children may not thank you for it, but they will most certainly notice if you are not in many photos yourself.

dunne15112015_02dunne15112015_05dunne15112015_06dunne15112015_07dunne15112015_10There we have it, a whistle stop tour of The Dunne Family.

If you want to know more about newborn sessions, mini sessions or family portraits, get in touch today. I will be happy to answer your questions.



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