Client Feature: The Maloney Family

Click here to Book Your Christmas Mini Session and £10 from your session will go to George’s physiotherapy.


Being a parent is hard. Sometimes it is really hard. Life throws a curve ball and parenthood is not what you expected. No one can prepare you for what lies ahead.

I am sat here trying to work out what exactly to write. My mind is blank.

I have no way of knowing how Jo & Ben felt when their journey was just beginning.

I have no idea how it feels to have your life turned upside down due to a chance infection.

I have no idea how it feels to raise a child who is was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

What I do know is that when I first saw George, all I saw was his infectious smile as he beamed from ear to ear. I know that George has the most amazing and truly inspirational family any child could ever want. I know that there is nothing that his parents won’t do for him. I know that he is loved by all that meet him.


Ben & Jo could not love their child more. They are blessed with fantastic support from their family and friends. They have taken part in fundraising to ensure that George receives the best possible care and physio. George’s physio alone costs a staggering £750 for 6-8 weeks, as Jo says ‘it is very costly, but soooo worth it’.

Jo and her brother-in-law walked 107km of the Jurassic Coast Challenge, in just 3 days, to raise awareness of two charities. One was Bobath Centre in London, a charity which has helped George over the last couple of years. The second charity was Phab, who ‘inspires confidence and supports independence in people of all abilities and ages’. Both charities are close to their hearts. You can read more about their hike here.

Click here to Book Your Christmas Mini Session and £10 from your session will go to George’s physiotherapy.




Every year I choose a charity or cause to either raise funds for or raise awareness of.

This year, I’m choosing George and his cheeky grin.

Please dig deep and donate towards George and his physio care at Sophia’s House in Southampton, you can do so via this fundraising page. Any amount, large or small, would be gratefully receive and I know that Jo, Ben and George would be so unbelievable thankful.

I will leave you with a few words from Jo.


George unfortunately contracted Group B Strep during birth and as a result contracted bacterial meningitis at just 2 days old, he spent 6 weeks in Intensive Care and we were told he may not make it through the night at one point. After many weeks/months in and out of hospital he was diagnosed, at just 7 months old, as a quadriplegic cerebral palsy. 
George is now 3 and he is just the happiest little boy you will ever have the pleasure to meet, there is not a day that goes by without a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye, we are truly blessed with him and there are no words for just how much we adore him❤️

Jo ~ George’s Mum

Click here to Book Your Christmas Mini Session and £10 from your session will go to George’s physiotherapy.


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