Client Feature: Jasper Anthony Rose

I am grateful and appreciative of all my clients. Every single one of them. Some clients are what I call my ‘Milestone Clients’. They might be my first newborn, my first client at a location I have always wanted to shoot at, my first boudoir. You get the idea.

Tracy and Anthony are one of my Milestone Clients. Way back in August 2011, when Rachel Bryant Photography was still in its early days, I received a phone call out of the blue from my cousin (well, her mum and my mum were cousins, but I get a bit confused with the whole 2nd cousin once removed thing!)

Tracy and Anthony’s wedding photographer had failed to show up and they were desperate for a last minute replacement. They were my first wedding, my milestone Bride & Groom, they represent one of my most scary, tiring and totally amazing times as a photographer.

When I hear from milestone clients, I get very excited, especially when I heard that Tracy and Anthony had become parents to a bonny little boy and wanted to mark the occasion with a newborn session.

You have to go with the flow when it comes to Newborn Sessions. You never know how a baby will behave on the day, some babies don’t like certain positions, some don’t like to be swaddled, some won’t sleep and some like to be held.

Jasper was a natural! He slept, he posed, he settled quickly, he was laid-back, a testament to the calmness of his parents……..although I did get both peed and pooped on. (Goes with the territory!)


Newborn sessions are all about capturing the newness (is that a word?) of your bundle of joy, in all their curled up squidgy loveliness, so its better if the session takes place before they are 14 days old. If you are pregnant or you would like to purchase a gift certificate to a special someone, message me or give me a ring 07900893289.

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