Explained: In-person Viewing & Ordering

Most people are understandably wary when we talk about In-Person Viewing & Ordering Appointments. I completely get that. If you are anything like me, the thought of being stuck in the room with someone giving the spiel about how you HAVE to buy ‘this’ and you HAVE to buy ‘that’ is enough to turn anyone off.

You agree to buy the smaller, cheapest thing just so you can escape, right?

I can promise you, hand on heart, that is not how I work.

This is not about sales or what I want you to buy. This is about you having the perfect photos displayed in the perfect way and you buying what you want.

A typical Viewing & Ordering Appointment will go something like this:

  • You, and anyone else involved in the budgeting and decision making, view your photos. This will either by as prints or via an iPad, depending on any deadlines.
  • We go through the images again, making a note of which ones are your favourites.
  • We talk about what products you ideally want and what you want to do with your images. Do you want to gift some? Do you prefer canvas or framed images? Do you want an album or bragging book? Together we will look at your options.
  • You decide what you would like to order. I am on hand to give advice if needed, but this is YOUR choice.
  • We finalise the order and take payment.
  • Once I return to the office, I place your order and will advise you on delivery times.
  • I perform a quality check all your products and when I am totally satisfied we will arrange a time for myself, or a courier, to deliver to you.

Want to know the bit that excites me about ordering this way?

You get to see exactly how your photos will look hung on a wall. You will also see for yourself which size looks best (and its not 10×8!)

Take a look at these examples:


If you want to know more about have a portrait or newborn session, or to discuss your wedding, message me and I will call you back. Alternatively you can ring me straight away on 07900 893289

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