Client Feature: Marianne and Friends

When we are children, we believe in the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas, we believe that summertime lasts forever and believe that we will always be friends with those who we are close with.

As adults, we learn that this isn’t always true. Have summers got shorter? Because they definitely seem that way now!

As for the friendships we make, some of us grow apart from those we grew up with. Some of us remain friends for our whole life.

As we mature, our lives change dramatically. Whether it be due to our jobs and careers, moving away or our lifestyle, these things can be a help or a hindrance to our friendships.

I believe there will be friends who are only around for a small amount of time. These people teach us about ourselves. Likewise, there are those friends that, even when your life changes phenomenally, they are still there. You all make the effort to see each other and when you do, it was as easy as it always the last time.

Marianne, known to her friends as Mazzii, moved to Australia six years ago. Every year she comes back to England and stays with her family for a month. During this time, Mazzii, her friends and all their children hold an annual camping get-together.

These ladies are friends, who despite raising children, having different jobs and even living in different countries, have remained close friends.

Cue the beautiful photos…….



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