Privacy: Your Photos

With the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, the safety of our images is on the forefront of many peoples thoughts.

Some people have never really considered what happens to their photos once they have posted them online.

Some people don’t mind what happens to their photos.

Some people are extremely wary of having their images on the internet.

I have had many clients who do not wish to have any photos online whatsoever. No matter what.


When you book a session with me, you sign a piece of paper which outlines all the legalities with regards to your session, the photos and your payment. One of the clauses grants me permission to use these images for marketing, whether online or printed.

So what happens if you don’t agree with this clause?

We sit down. We discuss it. We amend it.

If you don’t want your images online, then I won’t post them online.

It is that simple.

I find that it is mostly those with children who have concerns, and as a mother, I understand.


The images on this post? The parents were happy if the baby stayed anonymous, so thats what we did.


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