The Hill Family

Many blog posts that I have read recently about Autumn, usually start with the famous ode ‘To Autumn’ by John Keats. Most of us know the one, Bridget Jones begins reciting it just before Daniel Cleaver lowers the tone with a dirty limerick as they row about a big lake in a couple of boats.

Why do these posts start with Keats? Mostly because he got it so damn right. Autumn is beautiful.

I am sat here now with the rain beating against the window. Everything outside has the same tone of dull grey. Winter is most definitely here. I count myself lucky that I get to see and experience the seasons change. My work allows me to be outside, whether for location sessions or fitting in daily walks with our dogs.

The change from Summer to Autumn is the best of all. People are soaking up last of the lingering warmth during the day, the sun is low and soft, and families make the most of being outside, without the british pasttime of moaning ‘its too hot!’.

Which leads me into this session with Harlan, Lisa and their two handsome lads. They are also the ones who showed me this location – perfect choice guys!

This session marks their fourth session with me, I’ve spoken before about how honoured I am to watch children grow up from precious newborns to independant children. Harlan and Lisa are also friends, so its extra special.

Studio sessions are great but they don’t suit everyone (Harlan and Lisa have had both styles). I personally prefer location sessions – the naturalness (is that a word?) of the environment projects onto both adults and children alike as you can see from the photos themselves.




If you want to find out more about location sessions, you can contact me here.  Together we can make your family portraits as unique as your family.

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