The Warren Family

Whether you are a mum or a dad, being a working parent is hard. Especially if you are a little bit of a control freak like I am and you insist on doing everything yourself!

Except sometimes you meet someone who you know you can trust. Someone who will have the ability to complete tasks and projects that will help your business grow.

I first met Roanna, and her smiley little boy Oscar, back in September 2015 at a networking mummies event. Roanna has a wealth of business knowledge relating to all things marketing, branding, website design and SEO, and on the back of her experience has started her own company Mountain Goat Marketing. Take a look at their website, the projects are diverse and definately worth seeing, this one especially. You can also keep up to date on her Facebook page.

Now, on to the session. This classic studio session is just the first session. Little did we know at the time, but Oscar had an ear infection brewing. If you have been unlucky enough to have an ear infection as an adult you’ll understand how cranky he must have been feeling on the inside. Regardless, he was a right little trooper and did extrordinary well. He is a testament to both his parents, who are both hands on. You can see straight away that Oscar is the centre of Roanna and Daniel’s world, which is just how it should be.



I am very excited to be working with Roanna on our upcoming projects as well as looking forward to the weather turning so we can arrange our next session.

If you run a business and are after marketing, branding and website advice, I would recommend getting in touch with Roanna.

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