Client Feature: Kathy & Jeff

I have never, ever, known a bride to take so long to walk down the aisle! I’m sure Kathy won’t mind me saying that.

Thats the thing about Kathy, she is so incredibly warm-hearted, that she had to say hello to as many guests a possible on her way to her husband-to-be.

I’ve known Kathy for 10 years. She runs a local mum & baby group in Crossways called Tiny Days. When I was that nervous new mum, who didn’t drive, recently moved to a new village and didn’t know anyone, Kathy made me feel welcome. She never judges, she is kind and honest. She has love and God in her heart & soul. She values her family & friends and they most definitely value her.

As for Jeff, I first met him the day before their wedding. For a guy who had moved house from Yorkshire just three days before AND was getting married the following day, my first impression was how laid back he was.

Kathy, Jeff, please correct me if I’m wrong here but I believe they said they have know each other for 35 years. How about that for taking your time?

If there was ever a blushing bride, it was Kathy. Every single time you saw her, she was smiling, beaming or grinning like a Cheshire Cat. That’s what being in love does to you. It makes you deliriously happy.

If there is anyone who deserves a happy ending, it is these two.



Usually, the blog post is publish once all products are delivered. Although I am still in the process of drafting their possible album layouts, I couldn’t wait any longer.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Lamb-Robinson!

One thought on “Client Feature: Kathy & Jeff

  1. Kathy Lamb-Robinson says:

    Your beautiful photos have captured our special wedding day. The umbrella shots were worth the horrendous rain but nothing could spoil our day,not even the awful weather. Thank you for such amazing photos and such wonderful words. I can’t recommend Rachel highly enough if you are looking for a wedding photographer.


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