Client Feature: Matt & Em pre-wedding session

By the time you read this, Matt and Emily will be Mr & Mrs and I will be neck deep in editing.

As part of a standard wedding package, I meet with the Mr & Mrs To Be and together we have a look around their venue, excitedly discuss their plans for their day and talk about ideas for photos.

In July I have the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Matt & Em. The venue, Oxbridge Farm, is set in a natural haven of green pastures,  surrounded by trees and includes a fabulous lake. It is on days like this that Dorset truly shows off its beauty. 

On this particular day, it was the height of the recent heatwave when the typically British people were complaining that they ‘like the summer but this was just too hot’. 

(Yes, I am one of those)

Wandering around the venue, listening to Em’s ideas was quite magical. Of course, I won’t be sharing any of them with you just yet, you will have to wait!

It will be a few weeks until their wedding images will be ready to share with you, so for the meantime enjoy this little teaser….



If you would like to chat about your upcoming wedding, drop me a line and I will call you for a chat.

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