Client Feature: Marianne and Friends

When we are children, we believe in the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas, we believe that summertime lasts forever and believe that we will always be friends with those who we are close with. As adults, we learn that this isn't always true. Have summers got shorter? Because they definitely seem that way now! As for … Continue reading Client Feature: Marianne and Friends

Client Feature: Steve & Hannah

Meet Hannah & Steve. Hannah is responsible for throwing me into wedding photography (which I will blog about at a later date) In December I will be photographing Steve & Hannah's wedding at the beautiful Minterne House. Hannah is family too, which makes it that much more exciting. By the time their wedding day arrives, … Continue reading Client Feature: Steve & Hannah

Mutterings: Time for a quickie?

Quick post that is..... Today I have added my first ever video to Facebook.  For a professional photographer, that is pretty appalling, don't you think? I'd love to do a live action video one day but that is something else entirely!   You can watch the new Facebook video here.  Night all!